Status monitoring
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Status monitoring
  • VM-5 Series

    VM-5 Series

    [Rotating machine condition monitor]Used for monitoring shaft vibration, shaft displacement, eccentricity, temperature, speed and other state quantities.
  • VM-7 Series

    VM-7 Series

    [Condition monitor for large rotating machinery]Fully meet ISO international standards and API670 standards of the American Petroleum Institute.
  • VM-25 Series

    VM-25 Series

    [Small rotating machine status monitor]Compact size, digital communication. A universal rotary machine optimized for your condition monitoring needs.
  • VM-21 Series

    VM-21 Series

    [Signal regulator] receives the signal from the mounted sensor and converts the signal to an isolated 4-20 mADC or 1 to 5VDC signal.
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