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VB-Z570B Relay module

Brief introduction

VB-Z570B relay module has 16 relay outputs. The VB-570B can only be placed in the rightmost slot of the case. Each output of the 16-channel relay module can be programmed independently to perform the required voting logic. Each relay applied to the 16 channel relay module has an "alarm drive logic". The alarm driver logic can be configured with "and gate", "or gate" logic, and can take advantage of the alarm input (alarm or danger) provided by any monitoring module channel in the chassis or any combination of monitoring module channels.
There is a configuration display of VB-Z750B on the display module. When any of the relays are drawn, except for the corresponding relay action on the rear board of VB-Z750B, the drawn relay will turn red flashing on the display board, prompting the user to pay attention.

■ Function description Series

· Provide relay output normally open (normally closed) nodes for the entire system frame.

· Through the configuration can be the monitor alarm signal for logical combination output.

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