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ESH2 series eddy current sensor

Brief introduction

ESH2 series eddy current sensor is a non-contact measurement sensor. The output voltage signal of the sensor is proportional to the distance between the probe end and the measured conductor. It can accurately measure the distance between the measured body (must be a metal conductor) and the probe end face. It is mainly used for vibration and displacement measurement of bearing machinery, as well as bond phase and speed measurement. Eddy current sensors are widely used in industrial environments because they are not affected by oil, dust and pressure.

■ Features of ESH2 series eddy current sensor

· Fully comply with the explosion-proof characteristics

· High frequency sound

· Approximately zero temperature drift

· Support range extension

· Very good interchangeability

· The probe is resistant to high temperature 170℃

· The electric probe is resistant to low temperature -40℃

· Probe corrosion protection

· Cable corrosion and wear resistance

· Sensor anti-electromagnetic interference

· Surge, static electricity

■ Fully meet the explosion-proof requirements

ESH2 series eddy current sensors are designed for explosion-proof from the beginning of the design principle. The circuit does not contain inductors or capacitors larger than 1uF, which truly conforms to the explosion-proof design and has obtained the explosion-proof certification.

■ 高频响

At present, because of the need to improve efficiency, the rated speed of many large rotating machinery is close to 10,000 RPM, or even tens of thousands of RPM. In the application of eddy key phase and eddy current speed measurement, the sensor needs to have higher frequency response. The 5mm sensor and 8mm sensor of ESH2 column eddy current sensor can reach the highest frequency response of 15KHz. Superior to domestic counterparts. ESH2 􏚳 series eddy current sensor in use has great advantages, fully meet the requirements of high-speed mechanical speed monitoring.

■ Approximately zero temperature drift

ESH2 series eddy current sensors adopt unique temperature drift compensation technology, which can make the sensor approximate zero temperature drift at -40℃ to 80℃.

■ Very good interchangeability

The same type of probe is freely exchanged, the same type of extension cable is freely exchanged, the same type of preprocessor is freely exchanged, and the sensitivity error and nonlinear degree error of the sensor are not affected after exchange. The interchangeable performance is better than that of domestic counterparts.

■ Meets American Petroleum Institute (API)670 standards

High reliability, probe and cable resistance to high temperature, low temperature, oil resistance, cable corrosion resistance. The quality system strictly resists electromagnetic interference and supports range expansion.

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