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TD-2 Series absolute expansion sensor

Brief introduction

TD-2 series absolute expansion sensor is designed for turbine industry to measure the absolute expansion displacement of steam turbine units. It has two kinds of indications: local and remote transmission. The field of view is large, and the medium frequency displacement sensor is used as the sensing element. Far transmission indicator linear, strong anti-interference, simple structure, not easy to damage, good reliability, can be used continuously for a long time, the output is constant current. Has been used by domestic large and medium-sized turbine manufacturers, other precision measuring stroke displacement occasions can also be used.
Suitable for turbine cylinder expansion measurement and protection

■ Technical parameter

· Linear range:0~25mm/0~35mm/0~50mm/0~80mm four gears are optional

· Linearity:不大于0.5% F·S

· Sensor operating temperature:≤100°C

· Ambient humidity:≤95%

· Ambient vibration:≤2.3g

· Working mode: continuous

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