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VB-Z470 Positive and negative speed protection monitor

Brief introduction

For some machine work, such as when starting and stopping, the rotor in the opposite direction of rotation will suddenly happen, this kind of accident will cause extremely serious damage to the machine, so the recognition of reversal and parking protection is also an essential monitoring. VB-Z470 positive and negative rotation protection monitor to identify and protect the reverse rotation of the machine axis, is in the mechanical speed monitoring at the same time, it can receive the input signal of two speed sensors, the phase of the two signals provided by the contrast and make direction judgment. Therefore, it has the function of speed monitoring and protection as well as reverse judgment and protection. It is a multifunctional monitoring instrument.

■ Main function

· Input power protection function.

· You can set alarm parameters, range, relay delay and other parameters by pressing the button.

· The set parameters will not be lost after power loss.

· Sensor break detection, sensor break, block relay output, OK light out.

· Lock the relay output within 10 seconds after power-on.

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