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VB-Z440L Intelligent digital speed monitor

Brief introduction

A lot of machinery will be speed measurement, VB-Z440L intelligent digital speed monitor can long-term stable monitoring of rotating machinery speed, suitable for various types of rotating machinery. VB-Z440L intelligent digital speed monitor is a single channel instrument, equipped with Hall speed sensor, using single-chip microcomputer technology, combined with automatic cold end compensation, automatic zero stabilization and nonlinear processing technology, to ensure its accuracy in the full range of measurement.

■ Main function

· Input power protection function.

· You can set alarm parameters, range, relay delay and other parameters by pressing the button.

· The set parameters will not be lost after power loss.

· Sensor break detection, sensor break, block relay output, OK light out.

· Isolated RS232 or RS485 communication isolation port.

· Lock the relay output within 10 seconds after power-on.

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