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VB-Z92 Series reluctance speed sensor

Brief introduction

VB-Z92 series reluctance speed sensor is composed of an iron core, an induction coil and a permanent magnet. When the ferromagnetic pole rotor passes through the sensor surface, the magnetic field intensity changes, causing the coil to induce alternating current voltage.

The frequency of the output signal of the sensor is proportional to the speed of the measured body, and the amplitude of the signal is related to the speed of the measured body, air clearance, geometric shape, magnetic characteristics of the material of the measured body and other parameters.

The sensor can be installed in the radial direction of the rotor, and the end face of the sensor is about 1mm from the top of the tooth. The smaller the distance is, the larger the induced output signal will be. The output of the sensor is a dual-core shielded wire. VB-Z92 series reluctance sensor adopts new technology and special materials and its sensitivity is superior to similar domestic products.

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