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VB-Z432 Dual channel vibration monitor

Brief introduction

VB-Z432 dual channel vibration monitor is a new generation of intelligent products, used together with magnetoelectric vibration speed sensor, using two synchronous detection mode, can measure the vibration speed or vibration displacement of bearing housing, housing or structure, can complete the unit operation state warning and alarm, to provide reliable guarantee for the safe operation of equipment. Widely used in fan, water pump, motor, compressor, coal mill, gear box and other kinds of rotating machinery equipment.

■ Main function

· Input power protection function.

· You can set alarm parameters, range, relay delay and other parameters by pressing the button.

· True color touch screen design, human-computer interaction.

· Dual channel data acquisition.

· Alarm danger dual range monitoring design.

· RS485 (Modbus RTU) port (optional).

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