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DM1 Series positive power eddy current sensor

Brief introduction

DM1 series eddy current sensor is a non-contact measurement sensor. The voltage (current) signal output by the sensor is proportional to the distance between the probe end and the measured conductor. It can accurately measure the relative position of the measured body (must be a metal conductor) and the probe end face. It is mainly used for displacement measurement and vibration measurement of precision machinery, and can also be used as speed measurement. Eddy current sensors are widely used in industrial environments because they are not affected by oil, dust, temperature and pressure.

■ DM1 series positive power eddy current sensor product features

· Low cost: DM1 series through professional design, under the condition of ensuring the requirements of routine applications, pay attention to the cost, to provide customers with cost-effective products.

· The probe selection is rich: different automatic mechanical equipment, the use of eddy current sensor, installation space is not the same, so the need for different sizes of eddy current sensor probe, we provide a very rich probe selection.

· Very good interchangeability: the same type of probe is exchanged, the same type of extension cable is exchanged, the same type of pretransducer is exchanged, and the sensitivity error and nonlinear degree error of the sensor are not affected after exchange. Swap performance is far better than domestic counterparts.

· Good temperature drift characteristics.

· Low anti-electromagnetic interference: The products are in line with electromagnetic compatibility EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4.

■ DM1 series positive power eddy current sensor application field

Handling and robotics, printing and drafting machinery, plastic industry machinery, machine tools, medical equipment, semiconductor industry, textile machinery, transportation, water supply and functions, mining, storage and logistics, woodworking machinery, packaging industry.

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